Island Optical Systems (S) Pte. Ltd. has been providing innovative precision solutions for optical and lighting problems since 1988.
We specialise in Vision, and pride ourselves for having an extensive product range of illumination and lenses for every application.

Innovative Technology
Using our years of experience, our product networks span around the globe, letting us bring in the latest technological developments for successful machine vision intergration.

Wide Product Range
We have a very wide product range to provide an effective and cost efficient solution to our customer. We offer high quality LED illumination, reliable halogen and fiber optic lighting, precise laser diodes and laser safety equipment. The assembled lens we distribute are well known, such as Linos (Rodenstock), Navitar, and we also carry a very cost efficient telecentric series from SPO. To complete the system, we also carry the world’s most popular Machine Vision Filters. Our goal is to provide a complete lighting, lens and filter solution to the end user.

3 Step System
To make it simple, we have distilled it into a standard 3 step system:
1. Choose the lens
2. Choose the lighting
3. Choose the filter
For special applications, we can also customize optics such as lenses, or prisms for your requirement.

From UV to VIS to IR
Whether you are working in the visible, UV or infrared, Island Optical Systems (S) Pte. Ltd. will be able to meet your needs

Experience and service
We offer excellent support and service.
With our extensive product range, knowledge and years of experience behind us,

Island Optical Systems (S) Pte. Ltd. is fully committed to providing customers with the best solution.